Program of the 6th BAB

Friday, June 10th:
17:00 - Opening of the bookfair and introduction of the participants
19:00 - Promotion of the book "Abraxasian guide through documentary movie" (Bojan Pandža, Center for Libertarian Studies, Belgrade)
21:00 - Film screening:  "The Grandmothers of the Revolution"

Saturday, June 11th:
12:00 - Discussion: Role of anarchism and the anti-authoritarian left in student movements
15:00 - Tribune: On the current situation in Greece
16:30 - Tribune: "The global crisis: Manufacturing Despair"
18:00 - Presentation of the No Borders camp in Bulgaria

Sunday, June 12th:
12:00 - Discussion: Anarchism and mainstream media
15:00 - Discussion for coordination of common Balkan campaigns against nationalism, capitalist crisis, nuclear energy

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