Joint statement of the participants of the 6th BAB

With the murder of Martin Neshkovski from the Republic of Macedonia, Alexandros Grigoropoulos from Greece, Carlo Giuliani from Italy and so many others, the states are revealing their true face as servants of brutal neoliberalization processes. As a consequence, they have to become more violent and more repressive.

Today’s states, having lost all capacity to offer the few basic rights that movements had won over the last centuries, like welfare, education and health, are left with no public role: Their only mission is to implement measures that will ensure the free reign of capital and to act as a police dog for multinationals, manager-governments and their mafias.

In a world where racism, xenophobia, nationalism are being promoted and used to channel and divert general discontent with the deepening poverty and growing class differences, the struggle against global capitalism and the police state is our only choice.

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